Wallet-friendly tips when travelling to Sarawak


  Planning to visit Sarawak? Low on budget? Check out our wallet friendly tips for you.   Various homestay programmes are available here in Sarawak, Borneo such as the Annah Rais Longhouse, Kampung Benuk Homestay, Lemanak Iban Longhouse and many others where you get to experience life like a local. The prices are cheap and it covers accommodation and meals. Living in someone’s home will automatically immerse you deeper into the community, while saving you cash. Often you’ll glean an …

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Bakelalan & Bario homestay


Ba’Kelalan and Bario in the Miri Division offer something different to visitors who would like to try out the homestay programmes offered here in Borneo, Sarawak. Both are unique in that they are snuggled in high altitude and the weather conditions are very favourable due to the coolness and the abundant sunshine everyday. Ba’Kelalan & Bario Homestay is actually a new name given to the age old custom of sharing one’s home with visitors in the upland areas in Sarawak. …

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