What Shoes to Wear to climb up Mount Kinabalu


Mount Kinabalu is a 4,095 meter high from above sea level. It is ranked as the 20th highest mountain in the world. When going up for a climbing expedition to the mountain top, we tend to ask ourselves questions like “What shoes must I wear…” “Will it be safe…” “How long will the shoe last…” and so on. If this is your first time and wants to make it into a great success, then here is your answer to it. …

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My Mount Kinabalu Sabah Travel Story


I went on a journey to climb Mount Kinabalu in Sabah sometime last year. Needless to say, it was a really interesting experience for me and for the group that went with me. I spent a couple of days in Kinabalu Park, one of Sabah’s biggest national parks, during my Mount Kinabalu climb. As you commonly know, Kinabalu Park is surrounded by world-famous Mount Kinabalu around the height of 4095 metres. Tourists to Sabah would flock to Kinabalu Park to …

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