Let’s explore the Caves in Sarawak!

Did you know that you can enjoy your Sarawak trip by going for a caving adventure other than a wildlife and jungle trekking adventure in Sarawak? Sarawak offers some unique characteristics and stories of the caves for you to discover. Here’s a list of caves that you should be going for an adventure in Sarawak: 1) Fairy Cave in Bau Fairy Cave got its name from the stalagmite structure that can be seen at the entrance. Fairy Cave was once …

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What Shoes to Wear to climb up Mount Kinabalu


Mount Kinabalu is a 4,095 meter high from above sea level. It is ranked as the 20th highest mountain in the world. When going up for a climbing expedition to the mountain top, we tend to ask ourselves questions like “What shoes must I wear…” “Will it be safe…” “How long will the shoe last…” and so on. If this is your first time and wants to make it into a great success, then here is your answer to it. …

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Top 10 Reasons To Travel This Year


Instead of giving you the norms such as what to do and not to do, where to go, and your typical travel tip and hints, this article will give you a better insight on the 10 good reasons on why you must travel this year. Hopefully this will make up your mind after reading it. 1.    Be greedy. Warren Buffet puts it in a very simple term. “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.” …

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Danum Valley Borneo- The Sabah Natural Jewel


If you are in Sabah and is looking for to enjoy nature in all its glorious wonder, the Danum Valley Conservation Area is the right place for you to be in. Danum Valley Boneo near Lahad Datu Sabah is one of the world’s richest conservation area filled with a rich variety of animal and plant life. This wondrous natural beauty is sure to enchant and captivate you. Danum Valley Borneo is located 44 miles west of Lahad Datu Sabah. This …

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Useful tips when you are climbing Mount Kinabalu in Sabah


You are about to start this magnificent journey to climb Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. You’re raring to go and experience the exciting Mount Kinabalu climb. Before you start your Mount Kinabalu climb, there are several important tips that you should remember in order to make your journey to Mount Kinabalu a real success. Do you know what is the first thing that you should do? The first thing you should do is to mentally and physically prepare your body for …

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Is Brunei Only about Majestic Palaces and Oil


Brunei is located along the northern coast of Borneo . Brunei shares it borders with Indonesia and Malaysia . Brunei is well-known throughout the world for its huge residential palace where the equally world-famous Sultan of Brunei lives and for its oil-rich resources. If you are planning to visit Brunei you will discover more interesting sights to see and things to do in this small country. You will also see that Brunei has more to offer than just its magnificent …

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Through Mount Kinabalu Expedition on 24 August 2012


Coalition Duchenne will be organising a Duchenne muscular dystrophy awareness campaign expedition to Mount Kinabalu Sabah on the 24th of August 2012. There will be 60 international climbers participating in the expedition. This expedition is a part of a global Duchenne muscular dystrophy awareness campaign. The climbing expedition will be the group’s second global event in raising Duchenne muscular dystrophy awareness. The group’s first expedition to climb Mount Kinabalu was on the 9th of September 2011 where 35 climbers scaled the …

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7 Places to Visit in Sandakan


Sandakan Sabah Borneo used to be the capital town of British North Borneo until 1946 and now it is a well-known tourist destination. It is the gateway to Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and is also part of an important Australian and British WWII history with the infamous Death Marches which occurred here in 1945. So here are 7 places where you can visit if you are looking for a destination to bring your family along for an educational fun-filled vacation in …

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Bako National Park Sarawak


Bako National Park Sarawak, established in 1957, is the oldest national park in Sarawak, eastern Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. It is approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) by road from Kuching. Millions of years of erosion of the sandstone have created a coastline of steep cliffs, rocky headlands and stretches of white, sandy bays. Wave erosion at the base of the cliffs has carved many of the rocky headlands into fantastically shaped sea arches and seastacks with colored patterns …

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Fish-eating humans

Man-eating fish always stirs the imagination. However, the bigger problem is fish-eating humans who seem to be gobbling up all the fish in the world in a hurry. Mabul Marine Week 2011 was not just about garbage disposal. Raising eco-awareness was another key plank of the event, and organising chairman Rohan Perkins spoke passionately about conservation in several resorts. “There are seven species of sea turtles worldwide, and Sabah is very lucky to have four of them in its seas,” …

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