Fun & Exciting International TV shows about Borneo (Part 1)

Sabah and Sarawak are 2 famous destinations for nature and wildlife tourism. The untouched ecosystems at some of the places make them popular among nature lovers. Even though there are many documentaries about Borneo, where most of them focusing mainly on the nature, there are some of the international programs that was shot in Sabah & Sarawak that were a bit different from these documentaries, but also promoting Borneo to their own countries. Here are some of the variety shows …

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Sapi Island, Sabah

Sapi Island is one of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. To get there, it takes 15 minute boat ride from the jetty at Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu. There is a minimal entrance fee of RM3 for Malaysians and RM10 for non-Malaysians at the counter. In Malay, “Sapi” means cow, so it literally means “Cow Island”, though you will never see any cows lying around at the island. Located only 7 km from the city, this island had become …

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Travel back in time on the Sandakan Heritage Trail in Sabah

Sandakan in Sabah is the second largest city in the state. The beautiful Borneo city of Sandakan is well known as the gateway to Sabah eco-tourism destinations. Sandakan in Sabah is also well known for its rich historical past that you must not miss exploring when you are on a tour of Sandakan. The Sandakan Heritage Trail in Sabah will most certainly awe you with all of its historical sites that testify to Sandakan’s rich historical past.   The Sandakan …

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Gomantong Caves Sabah- what it is all about

Have you ever heard of the famous Sabah cave system called Gomantong Caves in Sandakan? When you are doing your Sandakan tour, you must not miss a visit to the magnificent Gomantong Caves! The Gomantong Caves is the largest cave system in all of Sabah. The Gomantong Caves is located deep within a hill called Gomantong Hill, which happens to be the largest limestone outcrop in Sandakan. What is Gomantong Caves in Sandakan famous for? Gomantong Caves is well renowned …

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The unforgettable sight of turtles and sunrise in Turtle Island Park Sandakan Sabah

If you are in Sabah and is looking for an amazing experience, why don’t you pay a visit to Turtle Island Park? The Turtle Island Park consists of the islands of Bakungan Kecil, Selingan and Gulisan. The Turtle Island Park lies 40 miles north of the coast of Sandakan in the Sulu Sea. This 1740 hectare marine park also encompasses the surrounding sea and coral reefs between these three island. Selingan Island is the most famous of them all. The …

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7 Places to Visit in Sandakan

Sandakan Sabah Borneo used to be the capital town of British North Borneo until 1946 and now it is a well-known tourist destination. It is the gateway to Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and is also part of an important Australian and British WWII history with the infamous Death Marches which occurred here in 1945. So here are 7 places where you can visit if you are looking for a destination to bring your family along for an educational fun-filled vacation in …

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