Bakelalan & Bario homestay

Ba’Kelalan and Bario in the Miri Division offer something different to visitors who would like to try out the homestay programmes offered here in Borneo, Sarawak. Both are unique in that they are snuggled in high altitude and the weather conditions are very favourable due to the coolness and the abundant sunshine everyday. Ba’Kelalan & Bario Homestay is actually a new name given to the age old custom of sharing one’s home with visitors in the upland areas in Sarawak. …

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Long Lama Water Festival 2011 in Sarawak

Long Lama in Baram will come to life July 1 – 3 with thousands of people expected to watch or participate in the inaugural Long Lama Water Festival 2011. The organizing committee headed by Lihan Jok, the former Telang Usan state assemblyman has assured a carnival-like atmosphere throughout the three-day festival. At the same time over RM30,000 awaits winners of the various competitions organized by the Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation with the local community. Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis …

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Ways to get to Miri city

There are several ways to get to Miri city with today’s advanced flight connectivity, of, Malaysia airlines, Firefly airline (at later date) and, the sister company of Malaysia airlines,  by Pan Borneo trunkroad or by sea. If you are planning a trip to Miri and right now, you are still residing overseas, I would recommend that you book your flight to either Kuala Lumpur, Kuching city or to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There are flights from these cities to …

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