‘Upside Down House’, The Latest Charm in Kuching, Sarawak


Previously, Malaysians were hyped by the existence of an ‘upside down house’ which became the talk of the town and then asserted as one of the must-visit spots if when going to Sabah. The first ever ‘Upside Down House’ in Malaysia was built and made famous in 2012 and is located in Tamparuli, Sabah. It does not only attract Malaysians but also international tourists, making it a tourist hotspot for visitors. Following the upsurge in popularity, the ‘upside down’ was …

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Fun & Exciting International TV shows about Borneo (Part 1)

Sabah and Sarawak are 2 famous destinations for nature and wildlife tourism. The untouched ecosystems at some of the places make them popular among nature lovers. Even though there are many documentaries about Borneo, where most of them focusing mainly on the nature, there are some of the international programs that was shot in Sabah & Sarawak that were a bit different from these documentaries, but also promoting Borneo to their own countries. Here are some of the variety shows …

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Bohey Dulang Island, the Pearl Island of Semporna


Bohey Dulang Island might not be as famous as Sipadan Island, but it is an amazing island all the same. The island is  a mountainous island as a result of an ancient volcano. Bohey Dulang Island is just beside Bodgaya Island. The only thing that separates both islands is a narrow channel. Bohey Dulang is one of the islands in Tun Sakaran Marine Park. Besides Bohey Dulang, there are Bodgaya, Maiga, Mantabuan and Sibuan, Sebangkat, Selakan and Tetagan Island that …

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Fun things to do at Tambunan, Sabah


Tambunan is one of the 25 districts in Sabah. It is located 80 km east from Kota Kinabalu, and is reachable by Kota KInabalu-Tambunan-Keningau Highway. The journey from the capital will take about 1 hour and a half drive. Tambunan is almost isolated from the west coast of Sabah due to the Crocker Range bordering the district with the west coast. There are terraced paddy fields peppering Tambunan valley and if visited at the right time, visitors will be amazed …

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Carpenter Street of Kuching


Carpenter Street had been known widely in Kuching as the busiest street in Kuching. Passing Main Bazaar, all the way to the old court, you will notice OCBC Bank on your left before turning left. Those who are not familiar with the roads in Kuching might not notice the left junction to China street. There is an archway before the old post office building, which is a white historical building, built when Charles Vyner Brooke was still ruling Sarawak. After …

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Sarawak River Cruise in luxury


Want to try cruising Sarawak River in luxury? There is always a cruise docked at the jetty at Kuching Waterfront, but this cruise has its own schedule. The best time to board Sarawak River Cruise is at 5:30pm, where you will enjoy viewing the sunset on top of looking at famous landmarks along the river. You will never get the same view from the land. Once you are on board, you will pass the Malay village. You can see ‘tambangs’ …

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Medical tourism in Kuching, Sarawak


Medical tourism or health tourism is the promotion of medical services to people from another country. The reason why they chose the specific hospital is because of the excellent medical care and cheaper medical services. There are many Indonesians from neighbouring Pontianak Indonesia that seek medical services here in Sarawak. We have several medical centres and hospitals that would provide the best service in the state. Their rates are also almost on par with that in Kuala Lumpur. Here are …

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Hot Spring Panchor Dayak Sarawak, your source of natural healing


Not many people have heard of this hot spring. If somebody asks about hot spring in Kuching, Kuchingites will probably answer: “the only hot spring that I know is at Annah Rais”, or “is there even a hot spring in Kuching?” The second option was my answer if you asked me that a few years ago. Knowing nothing about hot springs, I had an image that hot springs can only be found in areas within The Pacific Ring of Fire …

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Gaya Island Resort, perfect location for honeymoon

Gaya Island, or Pulau Gaya, is located within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park off the coast of Kota Kinabalu in Borneo. One of the famous resorts there is Gaya Island Resort. Besides the clear blue sea, the hillside which resides the resort is also breathtakingly beautiful. Gaya Island Resort has 120 villas and two-bedroom suite. The interior of each villas and suites were designed to blend nature and elegance. The picturesque resort is perfect for honeymooners. The facilities available …

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Love Lock at Tun Jugah Mall Kuching

Love Lock to love your beloved‘s heart, has started in Kuching this year. See these alphabet sculptures in front of Tun Jugah Mall. We took the following photos several weeks ago, and there were at that time not so many locks yet. How did this idea of Love Lock started? Well, according to history, it started some 100 years ago during World War 1, when a schoolmistress named Nada fell in love with a Serbian officer named Relja. After they …

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