Bring Out the Warrior in You with the Tribal Warrior Challenge 2017!

The official logo for The Tribal Warrior Challenge 2017

Borneo Tru Events presents Tribal Warrior Challenge, an exhilarating obstacle-based challenge set within the beautiful landscape of Borneo, in partnership with the Sarawak Convention Bureau.

Tribal Warrior Challenge is designed to test your grit, strength and determination. Your muscles will be pushed, and your mental strength will be tested as we bring you obstacles that can only be conquered by incorporating these 5 elements: going over, going under, going around, going through and moving forward.

Amelia, fourth left, and Silas Evenstar, third right, showcasing the upcoming Tribal Warrior Challenge Event Tees along with the all-stars from SCB and Borneo Tru-Events. (photo by. Borneo Today)

Tribal Warrior Challenge is an obstacle course race organised in conjunction with Sarawak Convention Bureau’s (SCB) latest campaign – “Redefining Global Tribes”, taking place at Sarawak Stadium’s Celebration Square in Kuching on August 19th 2017.

Organised by Borneo Tru Events & Ignited by Sarawak Convention Bureau (photo by

The organizers expected to attract about 4,000 participants to the event.

Tribal Warrior Challenge provides a team-building activity that:

1) offers an out-of-the-box experience

2) challenges both the mind and the body

3) fosters a strong sense of team unity and personal growth

4) provides all these at a fraction of the cost.

The challenge will feature three categories set within the beautiful landscape of Borneo. The public can opt for the 8km ‘Rite of Passage’ category or the 12km ‘Headhunter’ category, which is designed for those wanting to push their boundaries. The third category is the 5km ‘Bizst Mode’ that is tailored for the business events sector and open to SCB selected participants.

Sneak Peak of the Challenges Poster

Every categories have their own challenges and rules. Firstly, Rite of Passage. It is not a race, it is a challenge from you, to you. Earn your stripes by overcoming various adrenaline-pumping obstacles and come out a warrior reborn. There are 15 obstacles to get through in a 7km distance and within 2 hours.

As for Headhunter, there were 12KM of mud and sweat and 20 obstacles designed to drag you out of your comfort zone and takes team-work stamina and mental grit to a whole new level. The Headhunter will test everything your team is made of: strength, endurance, resolve. The unpredictable terrains and obstacles will push you out of what you once called your limits. There are 20 obstacles along the way in a 10km distance and within 2 and 2½ hours.

Next, Bizst Mode is the shortest course in TWC and it remains the most favourable choice for business delegates. It’s the time to work together and push your tribe over a series of team-building challenges and finish it all together like true warriors. There are 15 obstacles to get through in a 3km distance and within 1 hour.

At the end of the challenges, the participants earned a medal and a t-shirt from the organizers for their participation and to reward their courage to do the challenges.

Photo cr. Tribal Warrior Challenge Official Website

Photo cr. Tribal Warrior Challenge Official Website

SCB chief operating officer Amelia Roziman said the ‘Bizst Mode’ category would serve as a continuous effort to expand business events and package the industry in a fresh new perspective.

The corporate sector will benefit from it by using the Tribal Warrior Challenge as a platform for team building, corporate retreat, boot camps or even orientation and incentive trips to Sarawak.

The campaign aimed to unite the business events community and construct a stronger identity for Sarawak and Malaysia to spur fiscal and social growth.

Tribal Warrior Challenge is especially designed for those who wish to push themselves beyond and above their comfort zones. Whether as a tribe or as an individual, the aim is to encourage you to conquer your fears and push beyond what you call your limits.

Come and join in the race next time – Time to bring out the warrior in YOU!

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