Fun & Hilarious International TV shows at Borneo (Part 2)

Fun & Hilarious International TV shows at Borneo (Part 2)

Recently, television shows from Asian countries such as South Korean and Japan, had seen an increase in viewers from all over the world. These variety shows usually focus on entertainment and mostly contain elements of comedy in their shows. Some of the shows that require their members to travel to other countries had visited Sabah and Sarawak in some portion of their shows.

Here are some of the variety shows where the cast had visited Borneo, especially Sabah, and promoting the state in the most fun way possible.

1)      Law of the Jungle in Borneo: the Hunger Game (South Korea)

Law of the Jungle is a South Korean reality-documentary show, which is a hybrid of reality-variety television, natural documentaries, and human drama. The casts of the show travelled to less populated places like the jungle or island and sometimes need to survive on their own and experience life with local tribes and people.

They visited Borneo in early 2014, where the casts stayed in Sabah. The airdate was on 24 Feb 2014, and it was broadcasted for 8 episodes. In this Borneo special, the guests were divided into 2 teams, Legend Team and Byung Man Team. The Byung Man Team first destination was Mari-Mari Cultural Village where they learned how to make fire, practicing high jump using traditional trampoline where some of them get hilariously scolded by the natives, and even eating biawak, a species of giant lizard. Then, the next day, they travel by boat to Dinawan Island where they will be facing off with the Legend Team that consists of previous celebrities that had guested on the show and already have some survival skills.

The 2 teams also had to build their own tent, but one of the members of Legend Team saw an abandoned resort in the map so their team stayed at the resort instead of building a tent, while the Byung Man Team stick to the primitive way by building a tent in an abandoned wood construction by the beach left by the locals.

The remaining episodes focused on the survival of the 2 teams. They also had to compete in a series of challenges to earn some items for survival.

2)      Eat Sleep Eat Kudat (South Korea)

Eat Sleep Eat Kudat is the new tvN’s upcoming travel and cooking variety show. The three stars; Baek Jong-won (celebrity chef), Onew (singer / actor), and Jung Chae-yeon (singer), stayed at Kudat Riviera. During their stay in Kudat, they visited the Pasar Besar Kudat where they almost bought coarse salt mistaken it for sugar and bought other local produces such as yellow noodle, unripe green papaya for their dish and other vegetables and fruits. On their first day at Kudat, the chef, Baek Jong-won, prepared mouth-watering dishes for their dinner such as Geotjeori; a type of kimchi that’s made to be eaten fresh without fermentation, Papaya Saengchae; which is a Korean salad, fried chilli prawn, sauteed prawn with curry, deep fried squid and deep fried fish, all of which using the ingredients that they bought at the local market and mart. They were very impressed with the kicap manis or sweet soy sauce in which they dubbed as magical soy sauce and used it in most of their dishes.

Shopping in Kudat:

3)      Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q! (Japan)

“Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q” which literally means “Going to the End of the World Q”, is a Japanese show where the regular guests that consists of comedians and celebrities travel to different countries and participate in different activities and projects.

On the episode that was aired on 31 March 2013, 2 of their regular guests, Miyagawa Daisuke and Tegoshi Yuya visited Borneo. They started the journey at Banggi Island, and went by boat to a nearby deserted island. On their first mission, their Bajau guide shows them how to catch live bats in broad day light, how to catch fish using spear gun, and encounter a living belangkas (horseshoe crab); where they cooked all the animals in each different dish.

Then, they went to visit the Murut tribe and proceed with second mission. After wearing the traditional Murut costume, they learned bamboo dance. Then, they tried using blowpipe and had a contest where the loser had to eat raw sago worm. Their next destination for the third mission was Lok Kawi Wildlife Park where they had a coconut peeling contest with an orang-utan and tried to outrun a monitor lizard by attaching a piece of meat on their back.

For the fourth mission, they went jungle trekking to find Borneo Pygmy elephant. On their way to find the elephant, the guide pointed out some rare bugs and animals such as orchid mantis, leaf insect, violin beetle and even snake. When they spotted a pair of mother and her baby elephant, there was a bit of panic moment when they got too near to them and the elephants called for help where many other elephants rush to the rescue. The filming crew had to stop filming for about one hour. After that, they were able to see a group of more than 10 elephants in a clearing.

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