Tips on how to pack like a Pro when Travelling

With flights getting more affordable and I would say, cheaper if you book online at the right time, it would indeed encourage us to travel more.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

So for us to be “professional” traveller, we need to pack just enough clothing and essential items, and not be too excessive so that we would not be too burdened by our luggages while on the air or on the road.

What season

If you are going into a country that is having summer, there is no point bringing 2 or 3 winter jackets. Only one is needed for you to wear when you reach back home after your travel assuming that when your reach home, you would need to wear your winter jacket.

Minimise creases

How I usually pack is that I would put the jeans clothing at right side and the soft materials at the left side of the luggages. If the material could get torn easily, then I fold it and put it in a plastic bag.

Space maximisation

Smaller pieces of clothing like underwear and socks can be rolled up an squeezed into the corner of the luggages.

Items that are fragile

If you must bring toiletries perfume, do put them in a ziplock plastic bags and wrap it up, whilst  for your bottle of perfume, do put them in between the layers of clothings.


It is Important to pack in important medicine eg. For diarrhera, headache, ointment for medicine bite, plasters, airsick pills etc. It is best to bring it along and not to assume that you are invicible to such illnesses and also to prevent the stress in having to locate a pharmacy during emergency when you are in your destination country.

Balance the Wheel

How about packing the heavier items like your shoes or boots nearer to the wheels of your rolling luggage so that it is easier for you to lug it around.  The lighter items like your clothing are to be packed further up.

Side pockets   

Most luggage have side pocket on the outer cover of the luggage.  I would always use this space to put in some plastic bags for me to use in case of emergency and also a pair of slippers.

International Power Plug Adapter

If you are travelling from South East Asia to Europe or China, you would want to bring one along to charge your electrical gadgets or phone.

DSLR camera

The answer is no because baggage handlers at airport tend to throw your luggages as they move the items around and so it will affect your DSLR camera.

In conclusion, we hope that the simple tips above would give you some idea of how to pack your belongings utilising minimum space but packing in many items in one rolling luggage.


“You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” – Eugene Fodor

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