Ulu Temburong Day Trip

Ulu Temburong National Park in Brunei is one of our tour destination.

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Our guest, Mr Anton and his girlfriend went to Ulu Temburong the other day and here is his review:

Hi Garry,

Good morning!

We really enjoyed our Nature Trip at Temburong . Starting from the morning when Mr. Tom fetched us from the hotel on time. And also from briefing us on our trip and also giving us some trivias regarding Brunei.

The travel from BSD to Temburong is an adventure πŸ™‚ and also knowing that we will be crossing the borders of Malaysia and Brunei made it very exciting.

Arriving in Temburong District, there’s no wait because our tour guide is already there waiting and ready for duty. I can’t remember her name but she’s a good tour guide. From the van going to the lodge, she gave us a lot of information regarding the Temburong district. She told us information in every place we pass by along the road.

She also also told us regarding their Iban Tribe. And their tribe is interesting. And also she is a member of Iban tribe that makes that more interesting.

Arriving at the lodge, we only expect for a morning tea but look, a complete breakfast meal for everyone. Coffee,tea, nasi lemak, curry puff, banana fritters and ‘ potato balls’ πŸ™‚ very yummy!

Also one of their male tour guide orient us more regarding the Iban Tribe.

Then the adventure began when we ride the long boat. It’s like we’re water rafting because of the rapids along the river. It is fun and adventurous, and a long way to take pictures.

Arriving at the trekking area, we were informed that we will hike for 800 meters of a muddy and slippery way to reach the top and it became more exciting.

While we hike and rest at every hut, our tour guide give us information regarding the Brunei forestry,that every trees are very valuable that it will take 1 month long of process before people can get a fallen tree from the forest.

Also she showed us differed kind of trees used for making boats, the ratton, the wild ginger, and many more.

Upon reaching the summit, we climb to the canopy , the climb is scary and high , but it’s worth it. Reaching the heights that you are already higher than the trees is a great experience πŸ™‚

Next destination is the waterfalls, so we ride again in the long boat then stopping at the side of the river and walking across waters to reach the falls. Along the way, our tour guide showed us a tree that they used to extract perfume. Too sad that someones trying to cut down that tree without permission.

Upon reaching the falls, one of our Japanese tour mates stepped in the waters near the waterfalls and was shocked because something just bit him in his feet. That was a surprise! πŸ™‚ There are little fishes in the pond! It was like we are on a fish spa πŸ™‚ fishes go innour feet and eat dead skins, it tingles! My girlfriend can’t take the tingling and she shouts and shouts.haha. very nice surprise and experice in the falls πŸ™‚

After that, we returned to the lodge. Lunch is already prepared. I saw the foods and they are all Malay foods. I already know the tastes of Malay foods since I am working in KL, but after tasting the foods they served there, I am really amazed with the taste, it is more delicious than on what I ate in Malaysia, no joke. The beef curry taste great, the chicken is a winner, the sweet and sour fish, and so as the vegetables. There’s a lot of taste happening in every bite πŸ™‚

While resting, we have a chance to chat along our tour mates that are Japanese couples.. It’s a great time and relaxing too. The scenery is very peaceful, quiet cool, and clean. What a relaxing way to live. What a great Temburong experince.

After lunch, we went to a long house where iban families live. It’s a very interesting house because 10 families or more loves there. We went inside one of the houses and saw how beautiful inside is. Seeing their wedding photos, their sword collections and also the ceremonial materials used for wedding.

After that,we already went to the jetty terminal and wait our boat to go back ing the main land. Our tour guide did not leave us there and wait until we get inside the boat.

Arriving at the Brunei Mainland, Mr. Tom is already waiting and take us to the place we want to go next, it supposed to be at the hotel but we requested to go to The Mall and it was no promblem with Mr. Tom.

In summary, this package tour was a great experience. From the services,the foods and the adventure. Money well spent for a really great Brunei Experience πŸ™‚

My best Regards,

Anton Louie V. Dela Risa

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