Sarawak River Cruise in luxury

Want to try cruising Sarawak River in luxury? There is always a cruise docked at the jetty at Kuching Waterfront, but this cruise has its own schedule.

The best time to board Sarawak River Cruise is at 5:30pm, where you will enjoy viewing the sunset on top of looking at famous landmarks along the river. You will never get the same view from the land.

Sarawak River Cruise

Sarawak River Cruise

Once you are on board, you will pass the Malay village. You can see ‘tambangs’ crossing the river to bring passengers across from waterfront to the village, since there are several Kek Lapis shops there and a food court  which opens at night only.

Then, you will see Fort Margherita, though the building cannot be seen clearly due to the trees in front of it. It used to be a Police Museum from 1971 before being handed over to the Sarawak state government. Now, it served as an important historical building in Kuching.

Shortly after that, you will pass The New Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building, the majestic building by the river that had become a new landmark of Kuching Waterfront. From the distance, the roof looks like an umbrella. Some said it looks like a Melanau tribe hat.

Then, you will pass Astana, the white castle look-alike which is the former residence of the Rajah Brooke and now the Governor’s residence. You can identify it easily as it has the word “ASTANA” displayed on the green field in front of the building.

Along the river, you will be able to see the newly renovated Kuching Waterfront. About half of the waterfront nowadays used to be wet market. Now, you can see pavement, as long as gazebo and trees along the river.

Then, you will pass by the old Brooke Dockyard, followed by the old State Mosque before continuing your journey passing under Satok Bridge before returning to your starting point.

The view along the river is not the only thing you can see on Sarawak River Cruise. You can also see the performance on deck, a traditional Iban dance called ngajat.

There are other options to cruise Sarawak River besides boarding the MV Equatorial. One of it is Royce Adventure Cruise, where the boat is smaller, but the sight is the same. For Royce, you will need to wear safety jacket.

Another option is to board Sampan River Cruise. As the name suggest, you will ride the traditional Malay boat, or ‘sampan’. Besides getting to experience boarding the sampan, you can also get to chit chat with the uncle rowing the boat and he will become your private tour guide, and probably telling stories that only the locals knew.

Whatever your choice of transportation, you will get to cruise Sarawak River. Do not forget to buckle up and enjoy the unforgettable experience at Kuching Waterfront.

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