Salt Trail Crocker Range Trekking for 4 days and 3 nights

Crocker Range, a forest covered mountain range which separates the east coast and west coast of Sabah.  Mount Kinabalu is the highest peak of this range, and it is widely known for avid climbers who would like to challenge themselves by conquering this mountain.

Salt trail trekking, on the other hand, are less popular compared to Mount Kinabalu climbing. It is called Salt Trail because it was the path that the villagers used to go to town, bartering for salt, matches and kerosene in the old days.

Nowadays, the trail is used for adventure seekers who would love to enjoy nature.

Salt Trail

Salt Trail

Before you depart for your journey to experience the hardship of the locals in old times, please prepare leech socks, long pants for trekking, sleeping bag at comfort zone 15°C or 23°C/ Therma Rest or sleeping mat, rain cover or water tight proof bags, 2.5 liter drinking water bottle, swim wear, insect repellent, walking stick, head lamps (including extra bulb and batteries), personal toiletries, slipper or sandals and energy food (chocolate, raisins, nuts, rehydration salt, glucose, etc).

When you are all set, let’s venture to a journey where cars were in-existent and trees are your shades.

Salt Trail Crocker Range

Salt Trail Crocker Range

Here is the itinerary for Salt Trail Crocker Range Trekking.

On the first day, you will depart from Kota Kinabalu for a one and a half hour journey by car to Tambunan. Upon arrival, you will start from Inobong and proceed for a steep climb to Mount Kebambangan. After the steep climb, you will trek to Terian Village, where the slopes are easier. You will pass through sparse vegetation. The trail took about 7 hours, covering a distance of 10km. Once you pass through a suspension bridge, you will arrive at Terian Village. Spend a night at the village in a rusic traditional house or community hall. You will enjoy a humble dinner before resting for the night.

The next day, after breakfast, you will leave Terian Village to go through a trail to Buayan Village. You will cross over Papar River via suspension bridge. This is the only suspension bridge over a river that you will encounter today because when you want to pass through the river from Buayan Village to Kionop Village, you have to brace through the cold water to get across. Arriving at Kionop Village, you will stay in a traditional house or at the community hall. The total time of your trekking for today is about 8 hours and the total distance is 13km. Retire for the night after enjoying dinner prepared for you.

Crocker Range

Crocker Range

Early in the morning of the third day, you will start the trek with several river crossings through Ponobukon River. This can be challenging since the current can be strong if it rains the day before. Then, prepare for the exhilarating climb to the steep ridge. After that, the trail is gentler and you pass through dense vegetation. Along this trail, the walk will be easier, as the jungle canopy blocking the sun making it the walk tolerable compare to walking under the hot equatorial weather. The total distance from Kionop Village to Melungung Village is 11km, which will takes about 7 hours. You will rest for the night at the village after dinner.

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