7 Tips on How to Travel Around Kuching


You booked your flight ticket to Kuching and waited anxiously for the day to come. On the day of the flight, after asking your neighbour to look after your house, you went to the airport and board the flight. Upon landing at Kuching International and claimed your luggage, you then proceed to the taxi ticket counter and carried on with your journey to your hotel. Upon arrival, you were greeted by the friendly hotel staff at the front door and were relieved from that long haul flight. Before hitting the hot shower, you decided to unpack some of your things inside the hotel room.

After that, you started to wonder on where you can go from your current hotel and begin making plans in your room.

People tend to say it depends on which area you are staying, which is true enough but that does not mean it will become a hindrance to you during your trip in Kuching.

To get around Kuching is simple if you know where you are actually going and what your plans are for the next three to four days or perhaps even a week if you will. Here are some tips on how you can get around Kuching easily.


1) Shuttle Bus Service from Hotel

If you have booked a hotel, try to get the shuttle bus service provided by the hotel. You might want to do a little bit of homework first before coming down to Kuching. It is always good to book your flights bundled with hotel packages and airport transfer shuttle bus service included.

The shuttle bus service time actually depends on different hotel respectively. Then again, during your booking you can actually make arrangements with them and tell the staff where you would like to go. Of course, you can always refer to Lonely Planet for information if the information is updated that is, else you will be getting into the wrong bus!


2) Public Bus

Public bus fare is cheap. It is also another great way to travel around Kuching. The thing is you will have to wait for quite a while to hop on the next bus as buses in Kuching are not as frequent due to lower population and lesser number of people taking buses.

Before taking up any of the buses, you may want to ask some of the locals what is the bus number and where will it go next before reaching the place that you want to go.


Public Bus in Kuching

Public Bus in Kuching

Image credit to Wikimedia.org


3) Taxis

If you are getting only around town area, these guys are reliable. You will need to prepare at least RM50 in your back pocket. Some taxi drivers are actually kind enough not to give you any charges using the meter as it can be expensive. Instead of giving you the digital charges, they might give you a fix rate say RM 20 and they will take you to the town area.

However, never ever tell them to bring you to places that are slightly far from the outskirts of town area as charges can be very high or they are reluctant as it is out of their operation area.

Taxis lining up in front of Plaza Merdeka

Taxis lining up in front of Plaza Merdeka, Kuching



4) Walking

If you are staying in the heart of Kuching city area, walking is possible. For example, if you are staying at Abell Hotel, then places of interests are just close by.

Just across the road is a shopping area known as Sarawak Plaza and beside Abell Hotel is Tun Jugah Mall. Walking further up is a tall building known as Parkson Grand.

As you stroll further up, you will end up at the Kuching Waterfront area, Main Bazaar, India Street and a new shopping arcade known as Plaza Merdeka.

Walking along Kuching Waterfront

Walking, another alternative to explore Kuching city


5) Cycling

Cycling is a new addition in town. Pick up that surrey bike and pedal around Kuching. You will find yourself not only just lost in time while cycling around Kuching but you will notice the beauty and details of Kuching city itself. Cycling is also another form of keeping yourself fit and stay healthy during your travel.

These surrey bikes can be found at the main bazaar area and it is always ready for rental.


Surrey Bike, available for rental at Main Bazaar Kuching

Surrey Bike, available for rental at Main Bazaar Kuching


6) River Taxis

You have experienced flights, cars, public transport and walking. So what about taking a ride in the known water river taxis in Kuching? It is not only a traditional landmark but a source of transportation for people to get across the river bank of Kuching Waterfront too.

It does not only serve as a public transportation for the locals but also as tourist attractions.

Water taxi or sampan at Kuching Waterfront

Water taxi or sampan at Kuching Waterfront


7) Car Rental

Most convenient of all is the car rental services. If you have catered for a car rental services in Kuching through your local travel agents, you do not have to worry on going around in Kuching. You can even travel into the outskirts of Kuching city itself and pay a visit to places like the Semenggoh Wildlife Center and have a close up view of those orang utans. You can even plan a trip to Bako National Park and Damai Beach.

Then again, if you are to rent a car for your stay in Kuching, just be sure you refill the car fuel on your own before you return the car to the owner, as it is known custom.



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