Do’s and Dont’s in the Jungle



  • Dress Right:

Comfortable attire is a must. Sometimes, you have to walk on uneven terrain, so wearing jeans or such makes it harder to walk. You need to wear clothes that cover your legs in case of some shrubs or thatches that can cause small injury and insects’ bites. Jungle is also the home of leeches, covering your legs and wear socks to prevent yourself from donating your much needed blood to the bloodsucker. To avoid mosquito bites, it is best for you to wear long sleeves yet light weight clothing. Plus, you need to blend in with nature. Camouflage yourself properly, unless you want the unwanted attention.

  • Keep calm:

You should keep your cool when trekking jungle. Jungle can intimidate even an experienced local guide, so under no circumstances should you panic. Keep moving in the pack so nobody will be left behind. Stick to your guide, since he has more experience and knows his surroundings. He will know what to do in critical situations. Or he should.

Native guide with tourists in Sarawak Jungle

A local guide leading a couple of tourist

  • Travel Light:

Pack the bare essential needed such as water and food. Bringing extra necessities will burden you with its weight thus making you tired easier. It is a good idea to carry protective gear such as sunscreen, hats, raincoats and small swiss army knife with you as you don’t know what will happen. However, always keep the important documents, like passport, visa, insurance details and currency on you. You also can carry travel size personal hygiene products and a small torchlight.

  • Extra Protection:

Carry your personal meds in case you have some specific allergy or just for precautions. Plus, bring some insect repellents or insect bite ointment, antiseptic creams, band-aids and basic first aid kit. For extra protection, you can do research on the place you are exploring, or ask your guide on what are the wild animals or what sort of insects you will encounter. For example, jungle is a common habitat for leeches. You can use tobacco as leech repellent, or apply salt on the leech to drop it off.

  • Photography:

Do make beautiful memories. Capture your experience in the form of pictures, as it is worth a thousand words.

Tourists after climbing Mulu Pinnacles

Happy faces of the people who conquered the Mulu Pinnacles



  • No Littering:

Jungle is a sacred place for animals and plants. Imagine an uninvited guest visiting your house and treat your house as their own, then leave rubbish scattering all over your house. Then, you should know how the animals feel, if they have feelings that is. Or, imagine how the natives feel when you are littering their environment.

A waterfall in the in the middle of Sarawak jungle

You wouldn’t dare to pollute this, would you?


  • Ignorance Hinders:

Ignorance is bliss. In the jungle, this is a wrong assumption. Make sure to have at least some amount of know-how about the traditions and culture of the place you are visiting. Make sure you think before you speak. Don’t insult any of the traditions the locals endorse.

  • Don’t make bonfires:

Do not associate your adventure with bonfires. Leave the greeneries as it is. Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Bonfire can be out of control, and since you cannot call 999 in the jungle, and there are no water pipe there, you have to put more effort to put out the fire. Do not leave behind any combustibles; it endangers not just humans, but the wildlife too.

  • Don’t wander alone :

Many horror movies started with the main characters separated from their friends. Do not end up like them. There is a reason when such movies are being produced. People lose their bearing when they come across such disaster. Wandering alone to search for stones or natural souvenirs is also a no-no.

A unique plant in Mulu

A unique plant in Mulu, but it’s not for you to take

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