Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre, an alternative to climbing Mount Kinabalu‎

Sabah is popular with its mountain the Gunung Kinabalu. At a height of 4 095 metres, it is one of the mountains that is worth climbing. But are you prepared to climb the Mount Kinabalu? Now it is time to test your strength at Sabah’s Indoor Climbing Centre.

Sabah’s Indoor Climbing Centre provides its customers with rock climbing facilities and gears. The goal of rock climbing is to try and climb to the top of the slope and touch a buzzer or number plate just to indicate that you have reached it. It might sound dumb and boring but it is actually a very challenging activity to climb up and to touch the plate or buzzer will also give you that satisfaction of success. To make it even more challenging, you could try climbing the slopes and beating the best time of your friends or other people who climbed before.

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Located in Likas, the centre provides you with a variety of slopes to climb. The place starts operating in the evening during the weekdays and from morning till night on weekends and public holidays.  If you are a beginner at rock climbing, there are easier slopes for you to climb too. It would be a good experience if you want to do it just for fun or for challenging yourself or your friends. The staff at the climbing centre would be happy to lend you some help and guide you on your climb. Even young children are encouraged by the staffs to reach the top of the slope. That just shows how much the staff and instructors are willing to share and teach what they know about rock climbing.

The Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre is a good place to exercise your body. With all the stretches you have to make trying to grip from one rock to another, you can guess how many stretches you are going to do and not to forget; there is also no time limit. So, you can climb as much as you want with just one simple entrance fee. The fee will also cover the climbing shoes that they would provide you wit.  All the more reasons to go even if we don’t have the full equipment for rock climbing.

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There are also a few different variations of rock climbing and some of it is aid climbing, free climbing and bouldering. Aid climbing is one of the popular methods of climbing which is by using weight gears to help them climb up or down the slope. Free climbing is a method where the climbers rely less on the gears and uses their own strength and skill to climb up the slope. Bouldering is a type of climb where the climbers climb short low routes without the use of safety rope. There will be one person known as “the spotter” watching from below to directs the climber on where to fall so they will not get hurt.

If you are in Sabah and would like an exercise before trying to climb Mount Kinabalu, you should try going to Sabah’s Indoor Climbing Centre to test your mental and physical strength. Rock climbing is surely an exciting activity not to be missed.

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