Sarawak Regatta Promised to be the Event of the Year 2013

Sarawak Regatta was a boat rowing event that started far back in 1872 during the Brooke era. Now it is an event held yearly here in Sarawak. Watch as a number of teams row their boats along Sarawak River in order to win and be crowned King of the River.

Briefing before the start of the race

contestants for the Dragon Boat race having a small briefing

It is held at the waterfront in Kuching, the Sarawak Regatta are participated by hundreds of teams and in this year itself, it has made a new record with 400 teams with 7000 paddlers compared to last year 315 teams. The Sarawak Regatta has a number of categories such as the Perahu Balok which consists of 7 paddlers and Perahu Kenyalang which consists of 20 paddlers. The race has two routes where one route is 2000 metre in length starting from Kampung Penglima Seman and an 800 metre route starting from Kampung Bintangor. Listen to the cheers and shouts as the crowd tries to give support to their team.

Route for Sarawak Regatta

Sarawak Regatta Route map

Sarawak Regatta holds an important part of history to the people of Sarawak as it is an event held from long ago. The event does not only serve as an event to remember history but it also helps to connect the people of Sarawak to come together and enjoy. Besides the Regatta, there are other attractions in the area such as Malaysia Craft Promotion, food festival, water sports and also a cultural showcase.

Sarawak Regatta Dragon Boat Drummer

the drummer leading the paddlers during the race

The theme for the Sarawak Regatta this year is “Race to Harmony” with entries for the event from Asean countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Brunei. Not forgetting the International Dragon Boat race which is the latest category introduced that will be held on the 7th and 8th September 2013.

Held on 6-8 September 2013, and in conjunction with Sarawak’s 50th anniversary, watch the joy and disappointment of the paddlers’ supporters as their team wins, lose or even tip over. The Sarawak Regatta is an event not to be missed.

Dragon Boat racing

two Dragon Boats trying to win the race

It is held in conjunction with Sarawak’s 50th anniversary. Come watch the joy and disappointment this 6-8 September 2013 as the paddlers’ supporters cheer their team on, be in they win, lose or even tip over. Sarawak Regatta is an event not to be missed.

Sarawak Regatta 2013 time schedule

schedule for Sarawak Regatta 2013


Dragon Boat drummer

the drummer giving support to her paddlers


Dragon Boats

the four boats racing to reach the finish line

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