47 Ultimate Ways to Travel Beyond and Yet Save Money

Are you still looking into ways for cheap travel but no idea on how to do it? Would you believe still travel on the same trip but yet you can still save a lot? If you are looking for answers, then you have come to the right place. In this week’s article, we will be looking at what and how you can actually really save during your travel. At the same time, instead of repeating the same trip, with these 47 tips you might be able to take your travel further. So here are some 47 ways that you can save and yet travel.

Airline Fares:

1) Cheap Flights – Do your homework. Make price comparison with several airlines and book early. Look into promotions as well.

2) Flight connections – Flight connections can be very tedious and tiring. The bright side is that it is cheap and costs less.

3) Travel Light – Airlines these days are charging extras. Be sure to bring only whatever is needed and one person with one baggage at a time.

4) Substitute – Bring lesser clothes and buy new ones upon arrival at the city only when needed. That way you still have only one baggage and travelling light.

5) Make it one round trip – Instead of using different airlines when going and coming back, might as well grab the all-rounder ticket. It is cheaper that way.

6) Land at the same airport – Always make sure to land at the same airport instead of different ones to save costs.

7) Travelling to two countries – Check for cheap flights if you are planning to stay in two different countries rather than rushing for it.


8) Plan your meals – Walk around and ask the locals where is the best and yet cheapest place to eat. There are times the cheapest place to eat turn out to be local favourites.

9) Eat heavy during lunch hour – Eat more during lunch and spend less or nothing at all for dinner.

10) Avoid breakfasts in hotel – This only applies if the hotel you booked do not provide any breakfast coupon. Go and have your breakfasts. It can be cheaper and you get to try the local food.

11) Cooking – Sounds like fun. If the hotel that you booked into provides you cooking facility, so might as well make good use of it.


12) Hotel Promotions and offers – There are times when hotels can be relatively cheap. If you are looking for cheap hotels, look for the ones that have a package with your flights. Certain flights and hotels do compliment with one another and will include transportation from airport to hotel. It is already included in your travel package.

13) Seasonal traveler – Planning your holidays to travel during the holiday season can be rather expensive. Try looking into hotels that provides you everything and the best package during holiday seasons.

14) Use hotel coupon meals – It saves your wallet a lot. Hotel meal coupons are useful. Make full use of it for free meals and eat as much as you can so that you can skip one meal during your travel.

Car Rentals:

15) Rent a smaller car – Instead of taking a huge car, just grab a smaller one. You will pay less for car fuel, not unless you travel in a group of 6 or 8.

16) Hotel transportation – Sometimes you may just want to avoid car rentals as it can be expensive. Certain hotels do provide you with bus shuttle to town and it can be rather cheap. It is even better if the bus shuttle service is inclusive in the package.

17) Fuel up the car on your own – Instead of requesting car rental to fill it up for you, might as well do it on your own. Extra charges may occur if you are unsure of it.


18) Taxi coupons – Some taxis do not wish to run on meters and they may end up charging you double. To be safe, upon arrival at the airport be sure to purchase a taxi coupon.

19) Carry a map with you – If you are taking a taxi, carry a map with you. Some taxi drivers have the tendency to take longer routes when it is actually just a short ride to your next destination.

Other Methods of Transportation:

20) Bus ride – It might be hot inside and the condition is not as comfortable, yet this is the best way to save some money. Bus ride is cheaper than taxi or car rental services.

21) Rent a bike – What other better ways to travel and exercise at the same time. If there is a bicycles service, then make good use of this opportunity to travel healthy.

22) Train services – You want it to be cheap and fast, well the train services is good though.


23) Look out for the currency rates – Currency rates tend to change from time to time. Be sure to be on the lookout for it. Here is a good tip, if you are looking for a good and reliable currency exchange, you may proceed to this link here: http://www.xe.com/

24) Cash exchange – Before you travel, you might want to open up an international bank account so that when you travelled to your destination, you just need to proceed to the ATM machine.


25) Local Homestays – Look for local homestays. The trip can be rather exciting as this is where you will get to learn how to make some local dishes and perhaps a little bit of farming too.

26) Service Apartments – Surprisingly, service apartments can be very cheap rather than staying in a hotel. They have all the basic amenities and if you find the right one, you might be getting free breakfast in front of your doorstep. Other than that, you will get to cook on your own. Usually big families prefer service apartments.

27)  Relatives, friends and families – If you do have friends, families or relatives, might as well just stay with them during your trip in that region. Saves you from costly stays and hassle free too.

28) Smaller hotels – They might not be much but be sure to be on the lookout for smaller hotels. They may not serve breakfasts and all that but they can be very cheap with all the basic amenities. 


29) Lookout for the best offer – Look out for discount stores. Some shops tend to have those designers branded items at very good discounts.

30) Bundle shopping – Buy bundles or products that complement each other. These items can be fairly cheap too.


31) Walk and ask – If you are staying not far away from your shopping area, you might as well just walk.

32) Visit Your Own Home Town – Sometimes it is better to visit places you have never been before in your own area. You will eventually find yourselves travelling into places you have never been before. It is much cheaper too.

33) Book a Bundle – Do your homework properly. You might find yourselves a great deal. Sometimes flights will have the purchase two for one offer and that is inclusive of flights and hotels for the price of one.

34) Stay away from holidays – School holidays or Christmas season and all that tend to have expensive packages. Avoid it at all cost. If you travel during non-peak seasons, flights can be very cheap.

35) Book different times – Try booking different times and make price comparisons. It will be much easier to decide from here onwards.

36) Reward points – Make good use of reward points when traveling. Some flight services will offer reward points. If you are a frequent traveller, reward points help you a lot.

37) Look for the best deal – Keep on looking for the best deal on websites. They tend to change every now and then.

38) Free trips – Certain travel competitions will have that awesome free trips plus all expenses are paid. If you happened to see one, join the free trip competition.

39) Go to grocery stores – Instead of buying basic items in a shopping mall, might as well do it at the grocery stores. Things can be cheaper as well.

40) Bargains – Try to bargain as low as you can.

41) Buy local products – Instead of buying those expensive products, might as well buy something local. Local products can be cheap as well.

42) Travel in groups – Sometimes it is much cheaper to travel in groups. Instead of travelling solo, it is wiser to travel in groups as expenses will be shared among one another.

43) Look for travel packages – Travel packages or tours will be great as well. You may not have much freedom to go around, but travel packages or tours are worth it as that they will take you to all the interesting spots and meals are included.

44) Ask the locals – What better ways are there than to talk to the locals and be friendly with them. Most of the time they will tell you where are the best place to go.

45) Student or membership discounts – Grab the opportunity to sign as one of those flight members or student cards. These items can help to grab cheap flights. Go online to search for student travel.

46) Travel to less popular places – Sometimes, the most popular places is not the best place to travel at all. It can kill off your wallet. The best place sometimes is the less popular ones. And you will get to experience it differently too.

47) Know the locals – Get to know the local people through social media and visit them when you are there. Who knows if you are buddy enough with them, you may get free stay at their home and a new friend to show around. 

In conclusion, no matter whatever you do, most importantly is not to give up. People may say travelling is only meant for rich people but that is not true. Step out, pack your gear and plan some of your most affordable trip to certain places. Be it local or international.

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