What Shoes to Wear to climb up Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu Climb

Mount Kinabalu climb is not easy.

Mount Kinabalu is a 4,095 meter high from above sea level. It is ranked as the 20th highest mountain in the world.

When going up for a climbing expedition to the mountain top, we tend to ask ourselves questions like “What shoes must I wear…” “Will it be safe…” “How long will the shoe last…” and so on. If this is your first time and wants to make it into a great success, then here is your answer to it. Continue reading on and you will roughly know what type of shoes you are looking at for your Mount Kinabalu expedition.

The Mount Kinabalu trail can be very challenging and not easy. If you got the stamina, the mind-set and all but lack of equipment, you will still find difficulties to it. Foot wear as such is very important. Most climbers who had the experience all the way up to Mount Kinabalu would definitely be telling you this, bring along a spare sandal just in case you need to go to toilet but you will be wearing your pair of hiking or boots with steel cap toe then switched it back to what you wore which is just nice and prevent your leg from slipping away.

There, you have it. You already have got hints on what shoes to wear. The next question you might be asking is, why I cannot wear one of those normal Adidas sports shoe? Here is the thing. It looks expensive. But expensive does not mean will help you on the climb. And if you are planning to wear one of those thin made soles Adidas shoe type, be prepared for a blister not unless you are planning to wear two to three pair of socks. And do not forget. Mount Kinabalu trail is not as easy as what you think. The answer to your expensive thin sole Adidas shoe is something you would want to avoid. Plus it might not last.

Other type of shoes you might want to avoid would be golf shoes, tennis, basketball, sneakers, working leather shoes, and big bike shoes.

The trail can be very muddy and murky. It all depends on the weather. You will be lucky enough if the weather is bright and sunny which will make it a much easier climb.

Hiking shoes are good. The rubber soles beneath are tough build and is meant to be a design in such a way that it will not get slippery during the climb. It has better grip and soft on the inside. Some hiking shoes can be very heavy.

For example, those pair of hiking boots such as Timberland or Dr Martin is just what you need. They are heavy but one good thing about it is your foot are well covered. They usually come in with steel cap toe at the toe tip. Some has it at every single corner of the shoe such as underneath it, at the back of the heel and at the toe tip. Ironically, as good as hiking shoes are, most climbers’ advice is to use that steel toe cap hiking boots. They give better grip and do not slip out easily.

Moreover, having a proper hiking boots will last you for more than five years of usage. It is not only for climb but good for casual wear and travel too. But that is not the whole point. The whole idea in this tips and hints on what shoes to wear for your very first Mount Kinabalu expedition climb is definitely a pair of hiking boots with steel cap toe on it. It feels heavy at first but wearing it every day even taking your dog out for walk will train your leg to get comfortable with it. It becomes lighter once you are ready to climb.


Types of Hiking Shoe

Foot wear is important.

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