Top 10 Reasons To Travel This Year

Instead of giving you the norms such as what to do and not to do, where to go, and your typical travel tip and hints, this article will give you a better insight on the 10 good reasons on why you must travel this year. Hopefully this will make up your mind after reading it.

1.    Be greedy.

Warren Buffet puts it in a very simple term. “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.” His wisdom applies to travel. When you start traveling at the very beginning of the year, you will find yourselves more rewarding. There are fewer travelers at the very beginning of the year. Airports, and some planes are empty and hotels are vacant. Even the best tourists’ spots in the world seem like ghost towns. So now is the perfect time for you to have that privilege to yourselves.

2.    Just do it.

I practiced this motto in my life journey to not procrastinate but Just do it.  Anyone who owns a Nike shoe will know this rule in life. Just do it. Why wait? Why dream? Why doubt? If you keep on ranting and dreaming “I’m going to go – I can’t go right now – I’ll go next year –“and the lists goes on, you will never do it. If you take on the plunge and making that necessary painful financial decision making, you will find yourself everything is in place when you are ready to go.

3.    Turn life into a lemonade juice.


Someone throws a lemon at you? Turn it into a lemonade then?

You know you are really stressed out from your long duration of working hours when you feel like getting up every morning to go to work. You get no more joy from your work and life is a chore? Even the world is created with a fixed system of 24 hours a day is not even enough. Getting bombarded by your seniors or upper level management is something we all want to get away with. Or if you are the boss you have trouble with your employees. Turning lemon into a juice of lemonade is your solution. Traveling into an old town or less developed countries will take your breath away. It eases up your mind a little and lets you forget things for a while. It is as if time freezes on its own when you are in that area. You will come back feeling refreshed and anew.

4.    Inspiration is everywhere.

inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration can be all over the place. Not just on your piece of paper.

Are feeling lack of creativity and at lost? All hope is not lost. If books or internet sources do not help you much, start booking for your flights now. Inspiration does not remain in one place. They are all over the world. You will eventually be surprised when you meet someone who can actually inspires you a lot and change your life in a very different way. Be it travel solo or in a group, no matter what travel inspires a person a lot in every corner.

5.    Nothing is stationary. Not even the world.

As time goes by, everything you see, hear and listen changes from time to time. You can continue on to sit on the couch back at home and watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel from all over the world with your techies. However, did you know the minor details you are missing out when you do not go there? For an example, you only see Balikpapan on the east side of Kalimantan through Wikipedia, forums, Facebook and so forth. You know it is known as an oil town and located on the far east side of Indonesia. You know how beautiful Balikpapan is in the real world compared to looking through that window glass of yours? Go out and see how different it looks from your gadgets and get that real first experience of yours.

6.    Meeting new people.

Meeting New Friends and Cultures

Meeting new friends and cultures is what travel all about.

It is time that you get out there and meet new people, cultures and even languages. There are a lot of things you get to see and learn. Who knows? You might eventually end up with a travel companion. For those single young ladies and men, you may say it is a myth to find a travel partner and end up falling in love. Well, sadly to say it does happen in reality. Give it a shot. You may never know your love fate intertwines with someone who is waiting for you on the other side of the land. Be it in group or solo.

7.    Join the bragging club.


Grab yourself a ticket and pick a destination. Come back and brag about it.

Are you feeling so left out from your travel bragging club members? Well, here is another good reason why you should travel. Once you have that first-hand experience, you get to share and brag about things that your travel buddies does not know off. There are so many things to see and go about with so that you can share and brag with them. For an example, taking a flight to Sarawak and travel into the inner land of Mulu you can brag about how you get to live with the tribes there and tried their authentic exotic food. Or even better, “I found the biggest flower in the world and that is Rafflesia!”

8.    Fill up your boredom.

Kuching Bike Ride

Fun Kuching Bike Ride!

Just right after Christmas or those seasonal holidays, you might feel bored and got nothing much better to do. Fill up with impromptu trips. You got plenty of things to do by then. You will find yourselves too busy taking pictures all over the place and upload it to your blogs or even Facebook.

9.    Add on more travel destination.

Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island

Anything can happen in life. Life itself is a travel destination. How? It is true that the summary of our lives divided into five stages. Education, graduation, job, marriage and grow old. Here is the thing. Other than having that five cliche destination in your life, why not add up more destinations by traveling and see the real deal. Life is like a box of chocolate. Forrest Gump said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. So make full use of it and add up more travel destination before you even start to say “How I wish I was there” and regretting it later.

10.    Mayan Calendar myth is over.

Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar is a Hoax

Still remember how that horrible hoax about the Mayan Calendar predicting the end of the world is on the 21st.12.12? It is over. So why not take up this chance to travel and see what the world is like. You can even pay a visit to the Mayan lost culture and see what it is all about. Still feeling unsafe? No worries, you got good cabin crews in the air ready for action most of the time. Also, it is a good time to celebrate that the prediction of the Mayan Calendar went wrong somewhere.

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