The pristine beauty of Maliau Basin Sabah

Maliau Basin Sabah

Maliau Basin Sabah

When you are in Tawau Sabah, the magnificent Maliau Basin is one place that you should not miss visiting.  You will enjoy trekking through the Maliau Basin vast area of green forests teeming with exotic plants and wildlife. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Maliau Basin Sabah is the perfect place for you. Its remote location will help you to experience fully the beauty of this natural wilderness. In fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have visited Maliau Basin back in mid-September 2012 and experienced the wonders of this natural beauty.

You must be wondering more about what makes Maliau Basin unique. The Maliau Basin is unique because up until 1947 it remained undiscovered for millions of years. The 390 square kilometres Mesilau Basin is full of rich and unspoiled wilderness. Up until now, half of the Maliau Basin remains unexplored. The Sabah government took the step to cease logging activity in Maliau Basin and created a conservation area here, which is over 3 times the size of Singapore.

The beautiful forests and magnificent waterfalls in the Maliau Basin will definitely astound you. The sight of the famous Maliau Fall, a seven tiers waterfall, is something you should not miss! You can also find Sabah’s only freshwater lake, Lake Limununsut, here in the Maliau Basin. The deep Imbak Canyon within Maliau Basin is also no less impressive.

Apart from the waterfalls and the lake,you will be astounded by the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the Maliau Basin. You can find over 12 types of distinct forest area here, which adds to the beauty of the Maliau Basin wilderness.You can see forest areas such as the agathis, floodplain, riparian and the montaine heath here。The number of tree species populating Maliau Basin numbers to about 1800 types。Now, that is what you can really call diversity!54 out of these 1800 types of trees are listed as being endangered. Therefore, you have the opportunity to discover some rare trees out here in Maliau Basin.

The animal life in the Maliau Basin is also no less impressive. There are over 82 species of animals inhabiting the forests of Maliau Basin. Some of these animals are listed as being endangered. You will have the chance to see rare animals such as the Sun Bear,Clouded Leopard and even the majestic Asian elephant.

Even though you could only access 70 kilometres of the Maliau Basin area that is open to the public, you will find out that you still have many activities to choose from. You can do jungle trekking, take photographs of the beautiful surrounding, spot the wildlife at night and even swim in the numerous waterfalls.

If you decide to visit Maliau Basin, you would have to ask prior permission from the Sabah Foundation, which manages the area. You would be interested to know that since Maliau Basin was discovered, there have been only around 2000 people who experienced the wonders of this beautiful wilderness area. Why don’t you count yourself as being one of the lucky few by going there now?


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