Sabah Traditional Food That You Must Try

Sabah is famous for its beautiful beaches, friendly people and the magnificent Mount Kinabalu. While you are in Sabah, why don’t you try out the unique local food that Sabah has to offer? The many ethnic groups of Sabah offer a wide variety of traditional food that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.


The Sabah traditional food is made from the various natural sources that can be found abundantly in Sabah. You will find Sabah traditional food made from the seafood and plants that live and grow throughout Sabah. The coastal people of Sabah uses seafood in making the Sabah traditional food while the people living inland would create food made from rice, corn, cassava and tapioca plant. As you can see, the rich variety of ingredients makes trying out Sabah traditional food a wonderful culinary experience.
Traditional Food,Sabah

Traditional Food,Sabah

The Kadazandusun people have this unique dish called Bambangan. This traditional dish is made of mango, which is either pickled or cooked together with fish dishes to add distinctiveness to their flavour. Sometimes they would also fry this delightful traditional food with onion and serve it as a side dish. The sour and tangy flavour of this traditional food caressing your tongue will surely bring you a lot of delight!


Another Kadazandusun Sabah food that you should try is the Bosou. Bosou is made from raw river fish pickled with a local herb and salt, which is then mixed with rice. This mixture would then be pickled for two weeks before being served. Like the Bambangan this Sabah food is also tangy with a strong hint of saltiness.


A good accompaniment for your Bambangan or Bosou is the Ambuyat. This Sabah food is the traditional dish of the Bruneian people here. It is made from the interior trunk of the sago palm. This starchy blob is prepared by mixing sago powder into boiling water until it coagulates. Despite its tastelessness this Sabah food, when combined with other dish such as the Bosou and Bambangan, will indeed surprise you. Why don’t you try it out yourself?


The sayur manis, which is popular amongst the entire ethnic group in Sabah, is another Sabah food you must not miss trying out. The crunchy stems and tender leaves of this unique wild vegetable will surely gives you a memorable dining experience. This Sabah food originates from Lahad Datu and thus is sometimes known as sayur manis Lahad Datu.


Another plant dish that you should try out is the Tuhau. The thing with Tuhau is that you would either love it or hate it completely once you have eaten this Sabah food. Tuhau is a combination of wild ginger mixed with scallion and chilli which is then pickled with salt and vinegar. The pungent smell of this Sabah food is worth overcoming once you sink your teeth in it. It is surprisingly good. So don’t let your initial unease of the smell prevent you from trying out this unique Sabah food.


Last, but definitely not least is the jaruk, which the Murut community is famous for. This mouth-watering dish is made from the succulent flesh of either roar wild boar or fresh river fish that is put into a bamboo tube together with rice and salt. After a few weeks of fermentation, this magnificent dish is then ready to be served. Now, where else can you find such a dish apart from Sabah?


These wonderful examples of Sabah food is something you must experience. There is no doubt that you will appreciate the diversity of Sabah traditional food. Why don’t you embark on this culinary adventure now?


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