Is Brunei Only about Majestic Palaces and Oil

Brunei is located along the northern coast of Borneo . Brunei shares it borders with Indonesia and Malaysia . Brunei is well-known throughout the world for its huge residential palace where the equally world-famous Sultan of Brunei lives and for its oil-rich resources. If you are planning to visit Brunei you will discover more interesting sights to see and things to do in this small country. You will also see that Brunei has more to offer than just its magnificent palaces and oil-rich reputation.


Brunei Mosque

Brunei Mosque

When you visit Brunei , you will discover the rich cultural tradition of its predominantly Malay population. The Old World Malay culture is prevalent in Brunei and is very much rooted in the country’s traditions, ceremonies and customs. The Brunei Malay Islamic Monarchy philosophy used in the country’s governance is an interesting blend of Malay culture combined with Islamic teachings. The indigenous native, Chinese and Indian population also add more to Brunei ’s rich cultural mosaic.

Brunei ’s capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan , has a lot of beautiful and historical buildings for you to explore and admire. Apart from the majestic palaces, Brunei has an amazing collection of museums that will show you the rich heritage of this small country. The most famous of these museums is the Royal Regalia Museum . The museum’s breath taking circular gallery is something that will definitely impress you when you first enter here. The mosaic-tiled dome of the museum will also attract your attention. This amazing museum showcases the Sultan of Brunei’s ceremonial regalia to visitors. You can even see the royal chariot and the royal crown being on display here.

Speaking of impressive buildings in Brunei , you definitely should not miss visiting the grand Sultan Ali Saifuddin Mosque, named after the current Sultan’s father, which some say is the most beautiful in all of Southeast Asia . You can see opulent Italian marbles covering the floor, intricately design carpets from Saudi Arabia and Belgium and the majestic golden dome constructed from Venetian mosaic tiles. This mosque is indeed a must-see place when you visit Brunei .


Sultan Ali Saifuddin Mosque,Brunei

Sultan Ali Saifuddin Mosque,Brunei

Another place you can discover when you visit Brunei is Kampung Ayer or the Water Village . This village is sprawled over the Brunei River . The houses in Kampung Ayer are built on stilts and are interconnected with each other by wooden walkways. Early European explorers to Brunei have even dubbed this unique village as the Venice of the East. Kampung Ayer is also famous for its special water taxis that residents here use to transport things and move around the village. You should definitely take a ride in one when you are here. It is indeed an interesting experience.

Brunei also has impressive clean beaches and unspoiled natural rainforests for nature lovers to go to when they visit Brunei . You will definitely have a lot of things to do and see when exploring the Brunei natural environment. The Meragang Beach located near Muara boasts a long stretch of tranquil and unspoiled beach for you take a walk on and just simply enjoy the view. Experience the sight of sunset over the horizon and listen to the sea waves crashing to the shores without any interruptions. You can also explore the deep jungle wilderness within Ulu Temburong National Park and savour the sight, sound and smell in this remote environment. There are many wonderful plant and animal life here waiting for you to discover.


Temburong Waterfall,Brunei

Temburong Waterfall,Brunei

With all these diverse places and things to do in Brunei, you will realise that Brunei, despite its size, has more to offer to visitors apart from just the palaces and its reputation as an oil-rich nation. You can discover more of what lies within its border when you visit Brunei . You will definitely return home with a renewed sense of wonder and awe of this small nation in Borneo .


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