Wallet-friendly tips when travelling to Sarawak


Wallet-friendly travelling tips

Wallet-friendly travelling tips

Planning to visit Sarawak? Low on budget? Check out our wallet friendly tips for you.


Various homestay programmes are available here in Sarawak, Borneo such as the Annah Rais Longhouse, Kampung Benuk Homestay, Lemanak Iban Longhouse and many others where you get to experience life like a local. The prices are cheap and it covers accommodation and meals. Living in someone’s home will automatically immerse you deeper into the community, while saving you cash. Often you’ll glean an inside view of the locality, getting close to the ethnic culture of your choice where you can learn the traditional lifestyle of the natives of Sarawak, Borneo.
Step up your haggling skills for the bazaars and you can even lower accommodation costs by booking last minute or check their websites for special weekend rates. Live life on the edge: leaving things to chance and finding accommodation when you arrive is another good way to get discounts. It’s often more fun and personal to stay in a room for rent or a homestay – you’ll have more contact with local people and can experience life with a local family (ask around at the tourist office) while paying far less than ususal.


A bicycle would be a wonderful alternative for cheap transportation in Sarawak, Borneo. By taking a bicycle, you can explore the countryside as a free spirit, with minimum environmental impact. Do it on a shoestring and stay at camps or hostels, or sign up for a group ride, where the camaraderie comes complimentary and you also get mechanical and organisational help (check out KuchingBikeRide.com!).
Kuching Bike Ride

Fun Kuching Bike Ride!

Depending on where you’re coming from, your money will probably last longest in Sarawak, Borneo. Keep your eye on exchange rates and plump for countries that are more affordable at the time of travel. Whichever destination(s) you end up deciding upon, you can clamp down on costs by avoiding big cities and sticking to smaller places, where there are also fewer opportunities to spend your cash (for better or worse). While you’re there, lush out on free pleasures like walking, writing, drawing, chatting, biking, chess and lazing on the beach.


Travel in mid- or low season: everything – from accommodation to tours – will be much cheaper. Credit-crunching aside, there’ll also be fewer foreign tourists and places will feel more relaxed. For example, resorts such as Damai Beach Resort or Royal Mulu Resort around the month of September where the crowds have dispersed and hotels are slashing prices.


By travelling in a group, you can not only share experiences, but also cab fares, petrol costs, rent and so on instead of travelling solo, which could be quite pricey sometimes. When travelling alone, it can really pay to hook up with some people, not only cost wise but because it might just end up being fun. Try hostelling: it’s a whole world in itself, a tip-top way to meet new people and travelling companions, and some hostels are in extraordinary, one-of-a-kind places. Another no-brainer is self-catering: the ideal way to immerse you in a place while saving money. You can sample local ingredients, enter the fray at the market, and try your hand at local dishes. Solo travellers can pay up to 50% more than would each member of a pair, when accommodation and transport are added up.
Save more! Enjoy more!

Save more! Enjoy more!

Camping is fun. There’s something eternally childlike about setting up house under canvas and setting up camp in Camp Permai, which located near Damai Beach Resort. Choose a site to suit, from sophisticated to simple, and start communing with nature. There’s nothing to beat a night under the stars, endless fresh air, and the sense of freedom that your tent brings.


So there you go, some budget friendly tips that could save you a few bucks when travelling to Sarawak, Borneo. Have a fun wallet-friendly holiday when you do get here.
Thumbs up for budget travel to Sarawak!

Thumbs up for budget travel to Sarawak!

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