Two Days of Mulu Magic in Borneo

For those who have limited time to spare in Mulu National Park, they can opt for a two-day sightseeing exploration of the World Heritage Site.

During their time there, they can enjoy visiting the breathtaking Mulu caves in Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak; the Clearwater Cave, Deer Cave, Lang Cave and Wind Cave.

Having restricted time, visitors can have the option of being able to view the wonders of Gunung Mulu National Park under relative comfort in their travels to any Mulu cave with services such as plankwalk provided, as well as illumination and staircases within the caves.

Mulu is accessible by air with two daily flights from Miri to Mulu airport, in addition of three weekly flights from Kuching and daily flight from Kota Kinabalu.

A flight from Miri to Mulu would take less than 30 minutes, and the guide would welcome visitors at the Mulu airport before they are being brought to their respective Benarat Inn or Royal Mulu Resort for check in.

Benarat Inn is for those who prefer to travel with a budget while the deluxe Royal Mulu Resort is for those higher end market.

Benarat and Royal Mulu

Benarat and Royal Mulu

Once check in is completed and lunch is over, the visitors would then be led to the Gunung Mulu National Park headquarters.

From the Mulu National Park HQ, visitors can take the plankwalk to the first Mulu cave, that is the Deer Cave, considered to one of the largest cave passages on Earth.

Deer Cave in Sarawak

Deer Cave in Sarawak

Next is the smaller and magnificently decorated Lang’s Cave nearby.

As dusk nears, visitors would wait outside the entrance of the Deer Cave, for the arguably most popular attraction of the Mulu Caves in Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, that is watching thousands of bats emerging out from the cave to hunt for food after dark.

Visitors then would depart back to their accommodations for dinner and rest for the night.



The next day, they would be brought by longboat to the Clearwater River’s source after breakfast. A brief stop at Batu Bungan would be made, where visitors can watch for themselves how the local Penans hand made handicrafts such as mats and baskets.

From there, the travel by boat would continue to visit Mulu National Park’s Wind Cave, a Mulu cave with odd calcite formations, especially the lofty and lean stalagmites in

Wind Cave

Wind Cave

King’s Room.

Another wonder Mulu Caves in Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak is the Clearwater Cave, only a few hundred metres upriver, where you would need to climb around 200 steps to reach the main entrance.

Inside the Clearwater Cave, visitors can tour the Lady’s Cave and the river underground, while the pool at the Clearwater Spring is a pleasant place to take a cool dip and enjoy a picnic.

Once the tour ends, visitors would be brought to Mulu airport for their flight back to Miri on your designated destinations.

A trip to Mulu usually needs you to bring along a raincoat, preparing yourself with a insect repellent, torchlight and excellent trekking shoes, as well as a swimming suit for a potential swim at the Clearwater Spring.






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