Four Days of fascinating tour in Mulu’s caves and Pinnacles

The four-day trip to the Gunung Mulu National Park includes visits to the famous Mulu Caves in the Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, and is capped with a tour of the breathtaking Mulu Pinnacles.

Mulu Pinnacles

Mulu’s most famous attractions, though, are the Pinnacles, a forest of razor-sharp limestone peaks clustered 45m above the rainforest.

If you come from Miri, you have a choice to depart to Mulu by morning or afternoon flight, the journey is less than 30 minutes. If you come from Kota Kinabalu, there is a once a day flight to Mullu. The flight takes 1 hour and 50 minutes.

MASwings Daily Flight to Mulu

Daily flights from Miri to Mulu and three times each week from Kuching and Kota Kinabalu are made available by MASwings.

The guide will wait for the visitors who have arrived at the airport, transfer them to their accommodation, either at the budget Benarat Inn or the deluxe Royal Mulu Resort.

royal mulu resort

If you are willing to pay a bit more money, then you may wish to stay at 4 star Royal Mulu Resort.

After lunch, they will then be transported via van to Mulu National Park headquarters, from where they would take a walk on the plank path to the first Mulu Cave in the itinerary, the Deer Cave, one of world’s the biggest cave passages.

Gua Mulu Caves Deer Cave in Sarawak

Deer Cave is one of world’s the biggest cave passages.

From there, visitors would be brought to tour the smaller, but stunning Lang’s Cave, before ending the day with a very worthwhile wait at the entrance of the Deer Cave, where thousands of bats living inside the Mulu Caves in Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak would go out in waves high up in the air to hunt for insects in the jungle.

bat exodus

Each evening the bats gather at the cave entrance in large ring-shaped formations, circling higher and higher up the cliff face before moving out across the rainforest in spiraling ribbons.

After the spectacular scene, visitors return to their accommodation for dinner and a night’s rest.

The next day’s trip will start right after breakfast, departing by longboat to the source of the Clearwater River, stopping first at the Penan settlement of Batu Bungan for a short visit, witnessing handmade baskets, bangles and mats by the Penans, which can be bought as souvenirs.

Penan Tribe

Penan Tribe

Hand Made Handicraft by the Penan tribe

Hand Made Handicraft by the Penan tribe


The next Mulu cave in the trip at Gunung Mulu National Park is Wind Cave, which can be reached by boat, and there more wonders of the Mulu Caves can be viewed, especially the curious calcite formations, as well as the soaring, slim stalagmites in the King’s Room inside the cave.

The Clearwater Cave, just a few hundred metres upriver, would need visitors to scale more than 200 steps to the cave’s main entry, and then tour the Lady’s Cave and the underground stream.

Clearwater Spring nearby meanwhile is a fine place to swim and also to enjoy picnic cum lunch. Soon after lunch and all the informalities, visitors would then be brought beyond the Clearwater Cave and go to Long Lutut. From Long Lutut, they would take a three hours simple walk among nature and virgin forest, before reaching a Mulu National Park hut on the bank of Melinau River. Visitors would spend a night at Camp 5 there.

camp 5 Mulu National Park

Visitors would spend a night at Camp 5.

The next day would naturally starts with an early breakfast, before the journey will commence with a four-hour climb of over 1000 metres on the north end of Gunung Api, where the limestone mountains of Mulu are ornamented with the jagged limestone ‘needles’, the wonderful Pinnacles could be witnessed in awe from a viewpoint overlooking them. Weather permitting, visitors can see as far as Brunei and the South China Sea over the jungle.

The night will again be spent with basic accommodation amenities at Camp 5. Early next morning, after breakfast that is, visitors and their guides will return to Long Lutut on foot, and then by boat down the Melinau River to Mulu airport for their trip home.

Be reminded though, as the trip to the Pinnacles involves long walks through jungle, and the basic accommodation services at Camp 5, this tour is not proper for children.

Be prepared as well with torchlight, sun lotion, bed sheet, water bottle, raincoat, long sleeve shirt, T-shirt and pants, towels, bath kit and toilet paper and other toiletries, insect repellent and also small first aid kit.

By Longboat

By Longboat

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