Sarawak Baleh River Raft Safari

The Sarawak Baleh River Raft Safari started in 1996 and normally takes place in the month of April. The sport is very challenging. Participants need to navigate their rafts over treacherous rapids. Participants will get the chance to see various cultural diversity and traditional legacy of the native riverine group of people, mainly the Ibans.

Sarawak Baleh River Raft Safari

Sarawak Baleh River Raft Safari

The Sarawak Baleh River Raft Safari is an exhilarating river safari battle that begins with a night-long of celebration, showcasing the Iban hospitality before the race is launched the next day.

An overnight stay in a local longhouse offers participants a once-in-a-lifetime understanding of the way of life of the communities that call the wild river their life-source and untamed tropical rainforests their household.

The Sarawak Baleh River Raft Safari is an extremely demanding and exciting two-day rafting race. The rafting for the Men’s Bamboo Raft Open Category will start from Rumah Minggat, Sungai Oyan, Mujong and stop for a night at Rumah Naong, Batu Bansu, Baleh on the first day.

The participants will continue their rafting from Rumah Naong, Batu Bansu, Baleh and end at Kapit Wharf, Kapit on the second day. On the same day, all other rafts in the Men’s Bamboo Raft Closed, Men’s Freestyle Raft, Women and Tourists Categories will begin their journey from Rumah Naong, Batu Bansu, Baleh and end at Kapit Wharf, Kapit.

The venue and time of the event are:

Date: 5 – 8 April 2012
Event: Baleh Kapit Safari 2012
RH Salang Pulau Sibau Mujong, RH Bangkong Ng Banyau Mujong, Kapit River Front and Kapit Town

During the event spectators will witness top rafters from all Sarawak or global rafters pitting their physical and mental skills against the dangerous rapids of a 50 km stretch of the Sarawak Baleh River. Plus, spectators can also witness rafters piloting their man-made natural rafts down rapid waterways of the  Rejang river Sarawak till the town of Kapit.

This event is open to international participants so do not miss this thrilling ride of a lifetime. Check out details of the event at or e-mail us at for information.

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