City folks and tourists alike will soon be able to enjoy “jungle trekking”

KOTA KINABALU: City folks and tourists alike will soon be able to enjoy “jungle trekking” in the heart of the city when a jungle path leading up to the Observatory Tower near Bukit Bendera (Signal Hill) opens up.

The path will be ready by the end of the year. At an inspection yesterday, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Dr. Yee Moh Chai and Mayor Datuk Abidin Madingkir took a short walk up the 200-metre staircase to look at the nearly-completed project.

The project worth RM500,000 is undertaken by City Hall (DBKK) with funding from the Ministry of Tourism.

Jungle Trekking,Sabah

Jungle Trekking,Sabah

Among the features in the jungle path are hand rails, compound lights and a hut for pedestrians to rest, said Abidin.

The Director of the Engineering Department, Ir. Lee Tet Fon also commented that they have kept the path as much as possible to its natural state as the path has previously been a famous site amongst tourists due to its rich greenery.

However, Dr. Yee said that despite the government spending millions on tourist attractions, vandalism has prevented the public and tourists from enjoying them.

“In the past, we have metal ornaments stolen from sights like steel from the benches at the Observatory Tower. Now even drain covers made out of concrete are not spared either,” he lamented.

Asked on the safety of the properties and those of pedestrians at the area, the Mayor replied that it was impossible to ensure a 24-hour protection but that there would be constant police inspection around that area.

The Mayor also stressed on the 5K’s (cleanliness, beauty and safety, orderliness and well-being) to make Kota Kinabalu a livable and loveable city to all.

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