Ways to get to Miri city

There are several ways to get to Miri city with today’s advanced flight connectivity, of AirAsia.com, Malaysia airlines, Firefly airline (at later date) and MASwings.com, the sister company of Malaysia airlines,  by Pan Borneo trunkroad or by sea.

If you are planning a trip to Miri and right now, you are still residing overseas, I would recommend that you book your flight to either Kuala Lumpur, Kuching city or to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There are flights from these cities to Miri city.

If you are travelling from Singapore, the good news is that low cost carrier, Airasia.com now flies direct to Miri city from Singapore. All you need to do is to book online at www.AirAsia.com. the other alternative is to book through malaysiaairlines.com.

You may also travel by coach from Kuching. The trip takes around 13-15 hours with several pit-stops at several towns in between. The fare is around rm80 per way per person. The coach that I would recommend would be MTC because the coach made lesser number of pit stops compared to Biaramas coaches. The last time when I travelled with MTC, the whole journey took me 13 hours whilst the journey by Biaramas coach took us 15 hours to reach Miri city from Kuching. If you travel by coach from Sibu town, then the journey will be around 7 hours to reach Miri.

Express Bahagia No.8 Speed Boat

Express Bahagia No.8 Speed Boat

Departure hall of Kuching Port

Departure hall of Kuching Port

Speed boat ride from Kuching to Sibu would be a 5 hours journey Passengers will alight at their destination. Travelling by sea is  faster compared to travelling by land but this boat is no longer servicing this route.

If you should decide to take the speed boat ride to any of the other towns, do bring along a sweater because the air-condition in the boat is usually at full blast. You will be freezing cold as you watch some Cantonese drama in the boat. You may also opt to sit at the open deck during the journey and enjoy the strong wind blowing against your face and a nice sun tan.

If you should come from Kota Kinabalu, there are direct flights to Miri city either by Airasia.com or Maswings.com or Malaysia Airlines. Another route is travel to Miri city from Brunei, the oil rich state by car.

From Miri, most tourists favourite destination would be Mulu caves and the Pinnacles. To reach Mulu from Miri, one has to book a flight from MASwings.com.my to get there or he can also fly direct to Mulu from Kuching with the same airline. Only MASwings airline flies to Mulu from Miri. Once you reach Mulu National Park, the beauty of the rainforests and the caves there will definitely impresses you as it is one of UNESCO heritage site.

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